Army Men Strike App Reviews

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Ever since I downloaded BTD 5 your adds have been popping up, and they aren’t even made well! and I only downloaded the “game” so your stupid adds won’t come up again!

Used to enjoy

This game used to be fun. It was hard work to not spend money and keep up with the jones’. I did ok. I issue has become I have lost protection bubble during every event for over a month. I spend gold to get it and it just poof gone. It happens over night or not when I’m playing so I cannot screen shot it or do squat to fix the problem. Customer service says I need proof. I don’t get notice it’s ending because it’s not time so what can I send as a programming glitch on your end.

Hello!!!!!!!!!Game will not turn on after update!

Help!!!!Game will not turn on after update!

Not getting what I paid for and no help from CS

I must say this is hands down the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with, when you buy a product and it’s not the correct product and the customer service tells you to bad our computer says you bought it so there’s nothing we will do! I tried to buy a mo they pack just before an update and my game glitched and froze so instead of a monthly pack they gave me gold equal to the monthly pack which you should never buy just gold because it’s not worth it when you can get speed ups, troops or many other things and gold when you buy packs but if you tell their customer service that you didn’t purchase just gold the send you the same response “you bought it and that’s it” So head this warning be prepared to deal with the worst customer service in the gaming industry, if it wasn’t for all the great people who play this game I wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy!

Hard to Handle.

Sometimes people do things to upset one another. Frankly fairness of the game came into question. It took quit a bit of work but things were made right. THANKS CUSTOMER SUPPORT AND SUPPORT TEAMS. Danger_Close Battlefield 84 #nowtakecareoftheothers #wrongsmaderight.


They don’t do anything to fix the glitches they just tell you to wait and be patient until they say they can’t find anything on their database. Don’t buy anything on this game.


The game is fun.

Army men

Great game


Great game but ends up being a money pit to keep up with others..

Loading issues

Your new update doesn’t load on iPhone

Money Grab

Do Not Play. Money grab. Unless u spend THOUSANDS of dollars, don’t waste your time

It is awsome

It has no ads and It’s an addicting game

They steal

This game steals your stuff so they can make more money. Apple and iTunes need to ban them from the App Store until they do a full inquiry to this company’s shady business’s dealings and lack of coding ability.

Worst customer support ever

The game developers falsely advertise events and many spend money to prepare for them. Once the event happens it is not what was advertised and the customer support dodges all questions with mediocre responses and run you around in circles until they can close the discussion. Such examples are 100% resource utilization reduction for building only saves you 50% but 100% resource utilization reduction for research saves you 99%. Another is when they advertise guaranteed A quality officers for every glory recruit signets and then you spend money on signets only to find it’s a lie. You get mediocre B and C quality officer fragments instead of an A quality officer. Not what was advertised and then when you finally get a response even that’s a lie and changes each time they respond. If you want to enjoy a game with good customer support, this is not the game for you.

Best game

I love this game there is so much Exciting and I love how they move room to room .And this reminds me of my favorite movie to watch which is Toy Story



Steal money

They announce an event and you spend money to participate then it doesn’t work so they say oh we announced it wrong. No attempts to make it right so it’s just money wasted. All the developers care about is getting that money.

Don’t waste your money....

Let me say I was was involved in this game and I spent a good bit of money in this. That being said, if you don’t spend a lot you will not get anywhere. I would spend days build my defense and my troop numbers just to be totally wiped out over night and have to start all over again. Even being part of an alliance can not help you. I will give this a 4 star review because I loved the concept of the game, but I have deleted it from my phone. I hope you really think twice before you spend any money playing this game. You have been warned!


It’s fun when u get the hang of it

Dis game good

This game is so fun!lotta missions and hero’s.

Not worth your time

If you want to do even a little well at this game you are going to have to pay. It is a total pay to win game. You can’t get into protective clans unless you are a paying player and you will be attacked non stop by clans 30 and 40 times over in a single day. Even if you pay you will most likely be so far behind the curve at this point you are just throwing your money away

Bad game

Bad game before i open the game i receive i band message and I hate the game because this message why because why I cannot to play or do you didn't play the game before any time I don't know why this message came for me


The game is pretty much the same as all the basic city building/fighting games out there. It seems fine I suppose. However the dialogue is riddled with improper grammar, spelling mistakes, and repeated statements. That alone was annoying enough for me to uninstall. It’s simply lazy to not even run the dialogue through a spell checker.

Do not download

If you like getting treated like crap and want a unfair gaming experience then this is the game for you if not download king of Avalon or guns and glory they care and know how to give the players a good gaming experience ams does not they do not care at all I had a account on a battlefield was a good battlefield then they merge us well if you call it a merge was the worst merge I’ve ever been apart of they put you into a older feild were the power is just crazy and we lost nor then half our original fields player close to all of them and and does nothing to help you can work for months to build your hq up to have it taken away in seconds do your self a favor download a different game you will thank me


Please fix all the glitches that all of us complain about over and over and stop trying to make it “prettier” or “cooler graphics”. Those don’t mean crap if the game only works half the time or you have to restart your game in the middle of deep battle and get zeroed because of all the glitches! (No I didn’t get zeroed it was another one on my bf).

good game

good game i like it


I like the game. Slightly addictive but it sometimes closes out on its own.

Join China or else...

Game is good in the beginning and fun. However, once your protection runs out, you are just farm material for CHN... yeah they are the big bullies in the game from China. Doesn’t look like the devs are doing anything to balance this out. So there you go...


Good game

Used to be fun

This game used to be fun but the developer took out many of the good bonus events. Rewards/prizes are terrible and good events like 5x officer fragments have been taken out of the game. Developers also use paid players to try to get you to spend more money. The gameplay itself used to be fun, but their servers can’t support the volume and there is serious lag issues. What was once a great game is now chore to play. If you haven’t started playing, don’t, everything is overpriced now and developers keep removing key parts to the game. NOT WORTH IT!



Corrupt all the way around.

Too many glitches, just read other reviews and you’ll see it’s a big problem. They should change the name of the game to glitches and greed. What a joke

Major potential completely wasted

Customer service is useless. Both developers and customer service don’t play the game, so they have zero understanding of it. Anything they find useful ingame they “optimize” meaning the completely ruin it. The recent updates have made the game (which was already very buggy) WORSE. Which i didn’t think was possible. Instead of focusing on how to make the game more stable and less glitchy they continue to roll out new content probably one of the greediest gaming companies. Game needs a rehaul


It pretty fun so far but just started playing so it may change as I get into it

Watch out for pop ups

Pop up while playing caused me to accidentally purchase $50 of whatever garbage. Lag in the game made me confirm while trying to back out.


It’s a little weird navigating

Abusive behavior

Reports were sent to AMS support about abusive and threaten behavior from a player. This player threaten another players family member and it was not the first time this player was reported. It was suggested by AMS that I just mute/block this player. After what happened in Florida you would think AMS would take a this serious enough to at least mute him for battlefield chat for a few days. I don’t think I’ll be investing in AMS any longer.


Great game

AMS Support is a fraud

This game is a complete joke. AMS customer support is a joke. They take your money and run. They adjust gameplay so you are forced to spend money. They encouraging bullying in the game as well. I was harassed by another player in the game. He said racist comments to a friend and talked about players families. He threatened to find them and hurt them. AMS took no real action instead just muting players. Do not download this game as they are money hungry. A lawsuit should be started against them. I will be contacting App Store support to get a refund of all money spent as I have been treated unfairly in the game and muted on several occasions for no fault. This game is a joke.

Sooooo fun

Awesome strategy, music and graphics!!!

Horrible Programming and gameplay.

The only strategy to this game is pay more money to win. You also never know when you are going to get hosed by lag due to their servers and lose everything you have worked and paid for. This company is somewhere in Asia, probably China, and all they care about is pure profit.

Can’t login to account

I have account bound to Facebook...member left game and gave me there account...switched accounts now can’t get in any account cause app won’t left me login to a Facebook account to go back to me original account


Fun game moves slow if you don’t wanna spend money on it.



It’s alrighttt

Very cool game


To say I love this app y’all need to get it y’all will love it

Good game

It’s a pretty cool game. I loved playing with the lil green army men as a kid

Army men

Ok game to pass the time.

Protect the spenders

A free game should provide for all players to progress but this game only protects the spenders only a matter of time till word gets out that if you ain’t rich this game is not for you. I will tell two people who will tell two and so on

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