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If there was a zero I’d pick that

Horrible developers and customer service glitchy game don’t care about customers

Not happy

Got some resource plot aegis just over 2 weeks ago and still haven’t received them. Tried messaging customer support but they don’t want to cough anything up. 😡

Terrible customer service and they charge for more than you authorize

Customer service is absolutely awful. Standard robo responses that don’t address your issue, they never listen to what you tell them and they will go silent if they don’t know how to address your question. They charge you for more than you authorize and then when you contact customer service you get no response or a response weeks after (if you are lucky). Other than customer service that is trash and unauthorized charges, the game is kinda fun. Warning... in order to survive in game longer than a week or two you will HAVE to spend. It’s a money pit game and they’ll try to get your money anyway they can. If you’re not already invested in the game stay away, it really isn’t worth it.

Horrible customer service and shady business practices.

Very hard to deal with customer service and refuse to deal with the customer base. In a Corp where we spend a lot of money and have a feeling we will be filing a complaint.

Awesome game

Can’t stop playing it now working on multiple accounts


Great game but you can’t give up!!!!!

Bf 86

Hi I’m from battlefield 86 originally from 90 myself and a lot of others would like to let you know this merger of battlefields wasn’t and isn’t a great idea how can smaller corps compete with guys who spend thousands of dollars a day on the game a lot of us play it for fun and don’t have the funds to do what they do so we would greatly appreciate it if you could change it back to the same battlefields as before because a lot of people have already quit the game for this reason and I’m sure a lot more are to follow thank you

It’s a good game

Good game

not bad

I Can not stop


Long wait times to up grade equipment

Support is trash. Don’t bother with this game.

I agree with many others. This could be a great game, if they got their head out of their arse, and actually supported this product. Reaching out to support providing information on issues or bugs, shouldn’t end in an automated message after a week of no reply from support: “Dear commander, Apologies for the delayed reply. Do you still have the same problem now? If you still have it, please close this conversation and send another one to us so that we could follow up your problem. If you don't close this conversion, we couldn't follow up and solve your problem ASAP. Thank you for your understanding and support.” Everything about this reply is wrong. It is basically stating. “We are sorry we didn’t read your response to us, or didn’t get back to you for a week. We still haven't read your replies or other information we asked you to provide. So, please close this conversation out designating that we helped resolve your inquiry. Now please take more of your time to reach out to us again.. on a second inquiry.. about the same bug in our application.. so that we can be as inconvenient as possible, and do the same thing again. Showing you just how many f****s we give about your support and wanting the app to grow.

I love the app

This is really fun and I love it

Addictive game if you’re rich

Fun game i played for about 6 months day and night. But you never get ahead you constantly get set back by other players. Players who have money to have hundreds of thousands of a “golden army”. The game constantly glitches and the customer service representatives do nothing. You have to send them screen shots and even then they will deny your claim. And don't be fooled by the “game clips”. It’s definitely not the same as how the videos portray..

Too complicated to just play

Not that I didn’t enjoy the game, it’s just too complicated for a relaxing phone game. Very hard to get anywhere w/o paying out (which I totally understand, let’s face it, developers need to eat too). I was hoping it would be a little simpler to play, like the original Command and Conquer. No such luck. But, like I said, I did enjoy playing.

Buen juego

Muy buen juego...entretenido y muy parecido a la versión de PC


Playing now 2 hours straight. Totally addicted.

Don’t Download!!

This game allows racism, bullying, and sexist comment/actions. I was merged on to BF 84 and the corps there CHN is bullying everyone, you can not do anything with out them attacking over and over again. They attack based on your race. This has been reported by many people from our bf and invaders from deep battle to the developers and they do nothing!!! Many people talk through the app line. Screen shot have been taken of messages sent and received. Customer service does not care. Also The players doing this have gold hacks also!!


Its a great game

Scale of one to ten

On a scale of one to ten......infinite

Do not listen to any bad reviews this is the best game ever

This game has much more potential maybe even an fps

Customer service

This game is very addictive and fun. It helps hide the extremely bad customer service. If you send a message it takes days for them to respond if they respond, I have charges for purchases that were never sent.

I guess it is cool

This game looked awesome in the ads so I’m like I need to get it. I get it and the fricking tutorial is sooooo long and all u do in the tutorial Is fight “The tan army” aka computers and upgrade some stuff but over all it is an ok game and I will still play it to see how it goes.


Brings backs memories on the N-64

I’m in the Army Now

Seems like fun, let’s see if I will be able to defend myself now?

Fully rounded game

I gave this game 4 stars instead of 5 because it is glitchy when upgrading buildings at level 8 or so. The glitch allows you to upgrade a building but won’t actually show the process and ‘delays’ the action. Overall this is a minor problem and I’m sure will be fixed that time I will be giving this game my full recommendation. The game itself has been given not just an RTS aspect but includes other fun things such as betting who will win the World Cup, Magic 8 Ball etc etc.... This game is definitely fun...try it !!!

Fun game. A lot of potential.

I have rather enjoyed this game, great people, and a lot of bonuses. However when it comes to customer service, they are lacking. I had a simple issue with a simple answer however I kept getting the same info over and over again, along with the same request for information. I feel that they donor track the issues with bugs and issues. If customer service were to improve I feel it could be a much better experience.

Not a rich man, and I’m paying for it

It’s pretty impossible for a person to compete in this game if you don’t pay to play. Months of effort, hours a day, and all the reading and planning does nothing to a person with a credit card. Don’t get me wrong, I know you have to make money, but it would be nice to have a chance.

Sooooooooo fun

Overall the game is fun because you have to be strategic about things or you could fail.

Pay to Win

Honestly, this game is great, but there is a big problem: “Pay to Win”, the player who paid for the game win it all, they will destroy your base if you don’t pay on this game, and you will never grow if you never pay.


I enjoy it

Do not download

Was a fun game have spent a lot of money so it’s hard to walk away from customer service is a joke they do not care about the player at all all they want is money money money. They recently meagre Servers witch was a bad idea and the worst merge I’ve Benin apart of in gaming and I love games like this but just a horrible game right now if you have issues expect them not to do a thing

No good

I originally started out loving this game but recently there was a merger and the battlefield I’m in is in chaos and nothing is being done about it I just want a refund for all the money I put into this game all for it to be wasted by cheaters and hackers not allowing the battlefield to grow ruining the game for the whole battlefield.

Has potential

This game has very good potential great game for connecting with people and making some really friends. How ever they do allow people to cheat in this game by hacking into the game thru outside sources. Be weary of u spend on this game I was a big into the game until I found out all this... also game has a lot of glitches every Deep battle seems to be some major glitches so also be careful there. I have recently uninstalled this game after playing for nearly a year. In case u are wondering whether to download or not if ur not willing to pay a lot to go places in this game it’s not the game for u.


Ive paid for a weekly privilege and its glitched and went away to where i had to pay for it again. Note it charged my card twice yet instead of charging me around $10 like it states in the game “$9.99” it charged me $21.64 both times. This game is a scam and im going to take this to court if it does not get fixed

Don’t download and play!!!!!!!!

Been playing since late nov. it was a good game until all the updates and glitches. Then they merged us with a china base field that most likely are developer players that are way over powered and kill the field hoping you will spend more so they make more! It’s nothing but a huge money pit there are way better games like this out there with much better developer that are fair!!! Customer support does nothing take a look at battlefield 84!!!! Until something is done about the 2 chn cheaters most of us won’t spend a dime in game again!

Pay (big bucks) to play is about the only way

I have played this game for well over 6 months. At first there was an advantage for those who payed but non spenders had a chance and I was willing to drop a little bit of cash. The game play is fun. The friends in chat are great. But as the game has gone on the game keeps growing the advantage for the big spenders and the little spenders are being left so far behind I will soon quit. The customer support is poor. I don’t get a response for days, I get a canned apology about fixing the game and then not much of anything is resolved. Nice concept, fun game play, too bad it is for bigger wallets then mine.

Has potential

The game has a good concept and have been playing for awhile now. But if another player has a problem with you it seems all they have to do is say your hacking and all the money and time a player puts in is gone. Won’t contact a friend of mine to let him know the status of the situation. As much money as we the players put into this game there should be a better method for issues such as this.....

The developer does not care if you have problems

I like many other reviewers have spent money on this game, probably between $200-$300 USD. Recently they had an event where you could attack other players and was guaranteed “no loses”. I teleported into another battle field (as instructed) and attacked another player and both of us lost many different things. The worst part for me is that I had paid $20 for some special commandoes about 3 months ago (200 commandoes to be exact). I lost 182 of these commandoes in this event that was guaranteed “no loses”. I contacted customer service and they blamed it on me and said “this was normal for the event”. I even sent support a screenshot showing very plainly that there was to be “no loses”. They basically talked to me like i’m a 12yo. This game will not last much longer because of developer/customer support. This is really sad because it is a fun game. At this time I would advise everyone looking into playing this to pass it up, find something else to spend your money on.

Play sometime

Great game

A few bugs

I found that the artillery level one in its description is described as a copter. The second mistake is when I tried to use the in game contacting system no matter how long or brined the message was it would not send. Maybe if in the help and support area you include the restrictions on contacting the developers.



This game so far is good

So far this game is good I think no crashes or glitches and the battling is fun and addictive I have had it for about a week or so and if you like army games I think you should consider playing it the only down side is that it is some what strait forward and easy to complete all of the battles and collect soul fragments to win. That is it hope you get it to enjoy.


Looking to grow? Wanting NAP during the week and a cap on silver? BF 195 is where it is at. We will help you grow

Only the developers and very select players benefit with this game!!! STAY AWAY!!

In this game only a very select gain from playing this game. And if you are not spending hundreds even more thousands of Dollars, you aren’t going to get anywhere. The developers of this game helps plays within this game to be untouchable. That brings you the newbie in spending all the money thinking that you are going to be just like those big players only to realize that those big players only pry on you to advance them and broke you. No, none of this happened to me but I have seen it happen to many players in this game. And forget about the developers and support. They are nowhere. I have been under a protective state for the past month just to rebuild my game, only to have my bubble dropped for no reason whatsoever just to have one of the game developers favorites SAMM from ROK to all of a sardine be there to strip me from all my stuff. Coincidence?? I think not!!! So please DON’T spend any of your money on this game. It’s not worth it at all because you will not get anywhere close to the top. YOU WILL ONLY LOOSE ALL YOUR MONEY YOU PUT IN. This game only benefits the developers and very select players in this game.. Stay away from this game.

Do NOT download.

At first this game was very fun and enjoyable. AMS did a poor job and decided to merge battlefields. Now it’s a money trap to be able to play. They allow cheating with no repercussions what so ever. Allow people with 50 times the power of everyone on the battlefield to attack, destroy and take the money from people that want to play. Many reports to the developers about the power differential of some players and nothing has been done. It has quickly become the worst game to play. If you want to throw away your money with this game, message me and I’ll gladly take it from you and do something worth while with it like buy beer! DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!!!


The first picture is not in the game so make the game with the pictures

Super game but gold mysteries

Bummer had 700 gold used in happy purchase for refreshment and cost ten each instead of 1. Major bum. Overall good game however.


Fun game. Highly recommend

Not bad

Pretty fun

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