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Horrible running of the game.

This could be the best game ever. However the developers are known to be overly greedy. This is definitely by far the most pay to play game I’ve ever seen. Which I’m fine with as long as they are consistent. Which they are anything but. They need better servers and better decision making skills. The game constantly lags and crashes during battle. But what has made me write a review and give a one star is their most recent decision to take out the weekly quick march pack. This whole game revolves around war. The most essential item necessary for a successful attack and to maintain safety are speed marches. Without them all else is pointless. So the thousands I’ve spent is a waste at this point and I won’t spend another penny until they fix this issue. You use to get 6 a day. Now they offer only 1 a day for a $25 monthly pack. They should be ashamed of themselves. I am encouraging everyone to also give them a one star for this horrible move. That is apparently the only way to get their attention. And to the devs reading this, save your hive me the name and account and well consider it response. I speak on behalf of every player in the game!

Waste of time. Money grubbers

Don’t waste time. May be a war game but when they allow those that you have no chance of defending against to constantly attack or pay to bubbled all the time or pay to rebuild just so it can keep happening. Wast of time.

Good game

It’s a fun game either learn. I’ve played it for four hours straight and love it

Army men strike

Great game brings back memories

Amazing Game

This is one of the best games I’ve ever played. If it was just the game I would give it 5 stars. The customer service however is incompetent. They reply quickly, however, the replies are usually “we apologize you are experiencing this...” or some other unhelpful response. I have had three legitimate concerns in six months of playing and have even provided screenshots. Not only did the company not provide a gesture of goodwill they simply stopped replying after a while.

Needs Work

Need to be able to rotate game only works vertical on iPad Pro charge cord interferes , great game love it !


It's a good gave simple to use

Great game

Had a character on BF 41 and the admin won’t let have it back.

Green army

Fun game

Juego muy divertido y original

Llevo poco jugándolo y me parece un juego muy gracioso y entretenido.




I spend way too much on this game but I ranked an officer with a high level. Estimated 50 dollars in levels. The game glitches and it synced the wrong way. But they are blaming me and refusing to fix it. Worst customer service ever. If you’re a paying play steer clear of this game because they will not help you if there is a costly issue.


Forced to

Fun game

Fun game

Money hungry

Very poor customer service.

Great game being ruined by new owners

You must spend to survive in this game. I've played these type of games for years. This game is awesome since it has soooo many events that you always have something to do even if your tech is maxed out like mine. 😜 Nonetheless, customer service is extremely poor and they will not help you when you have suffered from a glitch or problem. They drag out the cases and recently have started making changes to the game that require you to spend more and prizes are smaller. No spenders will not survive if there is a war in your battlefield. It only takes one hit to ruin your troop counts.


Great game ran by a bunch of scammers .. you literally have to spend thousands of dollars to get ahead on this game .. I have spend a lot of money in this game. I been buying officer exchanges to get good officer and the always give out the bad one you have to spend like 200$ to get the good officer . I’ve Also been buying the secret recruitments to get S class officer and I always get fragments... how much more money do I have to spend ... smh

Having fun

Tough game but fun

Love this but need help

This game has been incredible to play. My online frustration is when doing sign in to complete corps quest I’ve only been able to successfully edit one of the sign-ins. I would love ease of function to create unique sign-ins

Not worth it

It’s a money trap you can only pay to be in the top 50 then they merge you to spend more


Not what I expected from the game play but still pretty fun

Good app

Good app really cool

No help from developers

Constant glitches, crashes and server issues. I have lost so much of what I spent so long to acquire over servers crashing and overall glitching. When asking for replacement of what’s lost from the developers, it has been time and time again, denied and absolutely no help offered. Such a pity to have created a really fun game and offer zero customer support. Deleting.


I remember playing this game years ago I re computer couldn’t believe when I saw it thanks for keeping it here I’m talking maybe almost 20 years ago I believe 20 years ago

It’s alright

As long as I keep leveling up I’m good

Another crappy version!

Like all the rest there are no control mechanisms in this game. Chinese Players quickly control and outspend everyone. They’re are 70,000 Chinese males between 18-35 who will never gave a girlfriend or wife. They band together to take over these games. Don’t waste your time or money.



No sweat

This game is funny, entertaining, and realistic, from a kids point of view. I like that. I maybe older, but I’m still playing as a kid.



Fun game






Good job

Hi good job on the game but it is a little hard for the battles and there is bugs plz fix but anyway good game

Great game till customer support pushes you to the side!

Had a blast playing I had a great group of people that treated everyone fair. Till a glitch in the game resulted in me not being able to contact them or bubble when needed that also resulted in me losing 2/3rds of my power. I sent customer service everything they asked for time after time when they requested information. At one point they even contradicted themselves and still nothing. I really feel that they did not look into or understand the complaint (possibly a language barrier). I tried to express that to them again and again and still nothing. By far I am most disappointed that my morals will prevent me participating in this game with a great group of people anymore.


Fun game

To be honest

DO NOT play game unless you expect to pay to be any point of successful. If you play to enjoy you will it get very far at all!! You build and train, start to make something of your self in the game and it is torn away... so unless you plan to spend tons of money to succeed and have a chance I would recommend not installing.




Brings back my childhood.

There is no strategy, just money

There is no strategy behind this game. You will have to spend a few hundred dollars to enjoy this game. You will spend countless hours growing and building and then they will sell a $100 pack which will give other players advantage. So if you are to spend only $100 and another player spends $500 then your money will be nothing, it’s the same as putting $100 in the trash can. So bottom line is, if you have money then you will enjoy this game it is very satisfying. If you don’t have money do not waste your time you will be angry. Also the packs are way over priced. Hope this helps.

Always crash when open

Always crash when open



Ok good game

I play this everyday it’s fun and passes time. They are working on bugs sometimes but still fun.


Good game

Not receiving items bought

In the past there was a weekly instant march pack that had 6 of the 5 minute instant march speeds and 7 of the 25% march speed. Today I bought weekly speeds named “march and arrive at once” which should have had the 5 minute instants in but when I looked at my inventory they had given me 25% and 50% speeds not instants. So I go back and look at the weekly packs and it changed the name of the packs to “grasp opportunity at victory”. They had also split the initial pack I bought into 2 weekly “grasp opportunity at victory” packs. I have heard of people being cheated in buying packs not receiving all the items. I know a few people that have screenshots of inventory before and after purchases and they aren’t getting everything they should have. I have spent too much money on my account to not get what I pay for. I will not spend another dollar on this game if I don’t start getting what I pay for (which most time is overpriced stuff anyways)

Great game

If you like war games I recommend this one!

Good luck! ¿ How Do You Start the Game??

Cant figure out how to start a simple battle! Ridiculous. Who designed this?? So much effort in trying to sell upgrades but why would we want to upgrade if we can’t figure out how to start the stupid game??! FRUSTRATION



Terrible customer service, glitches and no compensation

This game is just terrible. Too many glitches that result in you losing everything and no help from customer service. You are lucky to get a response and if you do it’s always the same. They see no problem on their end. What they fail to see is that when their game glitches, you can’t shield so of course you won’t see us trying to shield. Plane says it’s back when it really isn’t. Don’t spend your money here.


Love playing this game. Strategy, planning and fun people to play with. It is a bit time consuming and paying will get you a boost but is not necessary to play, have fun and win!- Don’t bother submitting complaints on glitches, I was told multiple times I had attacked someone when I didn’t and got zeroed. Not a big deal but trying to explain it to them was impossible and there ended up being no solution, except for my to rebuild on my own. Still a good game.


I have chosen two stars for the fallowing reasons. Firstly because there is no Air Force Attributes reset. When you purchase a new plane you must then purchase more attributes. The planes are $19.99 and contain no reset or way to transfer your attributes. I know from playing other games this is a common thing to be allowed to do. So that you can change between farming, building, troop training, and attacking. If I had known there is no attributes reset, I would have done things completely different. The second reason is because of the latest update as of 08-08-18. What in the world were the developers thinking with putting a red dot on the “Items” icon every time you gain an item. Not even a new item but any item. Which stays on the icon until opened and closed. That is an annoying attribute that I am not alone on. The third is why did you change Victoria’s special gifts. I did not level her up for what you decided to change it to with out any gamer input and discussion. You did not just change the power of it, but changed the entire attribute of her. With these three items I am disappointed in this game. It is becoming a money grab game, verses a fun game.

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